Monday, November 12, 2012

Successful road trip!!

I am so happy to say that our roadtrip went great!
Liam was happy as could be the entire trip. Humming in the back, rolling the windows up and down, playing his xylophone, oohing and awing at the scenery...taking it all in. It was awesome!

We were all so excited to see my brother, J, for his birthday. Liam reached out to him all on his own! Huge for my little guy!!

We all went out to dinner, Liam's special foods were brought along in various coolers, a thermos, bags etc. No one seemed to mind that we brought along a mini buffet for him. Although when people have questioned me I just politely ask,..'do you offer allergen free food options?'
The answer is usually no, but on the few occasions the response is yes, I go on to list his allergies. Gluten, casein/dairy  soy, eggs, oats, almonds, peanuts, msg, preservatives, food dyes, corn syrup...About 1/3rd of the way through the list the waitress politely says they can't accomodate his needs and usually offers to bring an extra plate or utensils.

So for you families dealing with food allergies, traveling can be done. Prepare ahead of time, research restaurants, grocery stores and so on.
Disney has special menus, chefs that work with you. They will even e-mail you a pdf with a restaurant guide to help with planning. Cruiselines will work with you as well.
We haven't been able to take advantage of these options because of financial issues, but just know they are out there.

Maybe I'll put toogether a travel tip guide at some point. Any interest in that?


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