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Recipes: Nut & Seed Milks, Desserts & Smoothies

Recently I have gotten requests for gluten, casein/dairy, soy free (GFCFSF) recipes.
Since everything I make for Liam has to be not only GFCFSF but also egg free, peanut, almond, oat, food dye and preservative free as well as low sugar and organic, I have to create most of these recipes. There just isn't a single cookbook out there that eliminates all of his allergens.

My only real issue with writing these out is that I don't measure much of anything.
It's more of a dash of this and a pinch of that style of cooking. But if you are patient with me and taste as you go, you will get a yummy result. If something just isn't turning out the way you want, feel free to post questions in the comments section and I will answer as soon as I can.


You can find my go to Coconut Milk Recipe here. It's super simple and delicious!

Follow that same recipe for seed milks such as chia, hemp or flax.

For other nut milks such as cashew, walnut, pecan, almond etc I use this recipe.

Soak nuts in filtered water overnight or 8-10hrs
Change the water 3-5x
Drain nuts
Place 1c in high powered blender (I use a VitaMix)
Add 3c filtered water
Blend on High for 2-3min or until desired consistency is reached.

Optional ingredients:

Maple Syrup or Raw honey

If you prefer a thinner milk you can strain it through nut milk bag or cheesecloth or add additional water. Likewise, if you want a thicker, creamier milk, you can use less water.
Refrigerate and store in glass pitchers. Use within 5 days.


One of the things that Liam really missed out on early in our food elimination days were desserts.
He has to maintain a low sugar diet because of unbalanced/overgrown intestinal yeast so the typical store bought pre-mades were out.
I started experimenting with ice creams and sorbets. Liam was happy to have a treat again and happily gobbled down any that I offered.

Ice Cream/Sorbet


1c organic fruit of choice, frozen in chunks.
Milk of choice (I use homemade coconut) or water if preferred.


Place fruit and 1/4c milk in blender
Blend on low until it begins to incorporate
Add small amounts of additional liquid as needed

A little really does go a long way so be conservative
If you add too much liquid just stick it in the freezer until it stiffens back up.

That's it. And it is delicious!

Our final recipe includes 1/8th tsp cinnamon and a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt.

Apple Sauce


3c Apples, sliced
2t Cinnamon
1/8-1/4tsp Sea Salt
3-4T Coconut Oil
Optional: 2tsp fresh orange zest


Melt coconut oil over medium heat
Add apples, toss coating with oil
Sprinkle with sea salt
Add cinnamon and optional orange zest
Cover and reduce heat to low
Cook until tender

You can either serve these warm just as they are or let them cool down a bit and blend up in to a nice sauce.
When I make the sauce Liam likes it on top of his pancakes, alongside a pork chop or frozen in to slushy sorbet.


These are by far my most requested recipes.
People ask me on nearly a daily basis how I get Liam to eat chard, collard greens, kale and cucumber. Green smoothies are my secret weapon.
If there is an ingredient that you or your child can't tolerate, feel free to sub out with something else. These recipes are very easy to customize and are general guidelines to recipes that work for us.
They change somewhat on a weekly basis as they are greatly based on whatever produce is seasonably available or comes in our organic produce box.
We eat as seasonally and locally as we can. Not just to reduce our carbon footprint, but also because food that is put in cold storage isn't as nutritionally dense as that that is picked and eaten fresh.

Ok, on to the recipes.

Basic Smoothie

3 large Kale leaves, ribs removed
1 large Chard or Collard leaf
1/2 Apple
1/2 Banana
1/2 Pear or 1 kiwi
1tsp freshly grated Ginger
1 small or 1/2 large Celery rib
3c Filtered Water

Blend on medium until incorporated then increase to high for 2-3min
Add more or less water for desired consistency
You can either serve the smoothie as is or strain through nut bag/cheese cloth
Store in glass pitchers, refrigerate
Use within 4 days

Creamy Smoothie

2 large Kale leaves, ribs removed
1/2 Cucumber
1 Banana
1/2 Apple
1 Carrot
1/2 Avocado
3c Filtered Water

Berry Smoothie

2c Berries of choice
1 Banana
2c Coconut Milk
2tsp Chia Seeds

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy these recipes.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Next recipe blog will focus on dinners.

Happy New Years Eve!!



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