Friday, April 11, 2014

The long road to California

It's Friday April 11th and we've already been here in California for just over two weeks. The drive down was fairly uneventful with a few "I can't believe that driver just did that!" moments along the way. You come to expect that sort of thing when you're on the road for three days driving 1,200 miles. I've noticed since becoming a parent I see these "crazy drivers" much more frequently. Especially when, which is nearly always, Liam is in the car with me.

We reached our Super 8 in Yreka, California the first day as planned and were notified that the travel company we booked through had reserved us three king rooms. All of which were charged to our credit card. Non-refundable of course since we were getting an 'advanced purchase' discount.
So after a couple of hours of trying to get ahold of the booking company with no luck, the wonderful supervisor calls to inform me that she refunded the other two rooms back to our card seeing clearly that we only needed one room and had just one confirmation showing this.
Huge relief. Blowing my very calculated budget on day one would have set a not so great tone for the rest of the trip.

Day two we reach Buttonwillow, California around 5pm. It's a tiny little town with just family grocers, a couple of gas stations, motels and fast food restaurants.When I asked about any places in the area that may offer gluten free options, the desk clerk looked at me as if I had three heads. Taking that as this is not the place I'll find anything strictly GF, I pulled up to a Carl's Jr to order a bunless burger for myself and heated up the left over wild rice, ground beef and squash for Liam.
We cuddled up, read some stories and headed to bed.

I had told our host in Southern California that we would be arriving between 3 and 4pm the next day.
Little did I know that even with the bit of LA traffic we hit, I had given myself ample time to get there and pulled up just before noon. At the red light after coming off the exit I sent a voice text saying "just took exit". Strangely enough this message came to my host as being sent from another friend. So when I knocked at the door she was thoroughly confused as to why I was there hours before my stated arrival time.We quickly figured it out and laughed about it. I started a bit of unpacking and tried to lend a hand with the housework she was in the middle of. I hated being that person. You know, the super early arrival to the party when you're still rushing to get things prepared before everyone arrives? Yeah, that was me.
Fortunately my host is very gracious and took it in stride.

The following day Liam had his first appointment with his doctor down here. Everything went well. He was weighed in at 60lbs and 4 feet 5 inches tall. The nurse was able to take his blood pressure and temperature. His doctor was as tender as ever letting him help her examine his body and his ears to make sure they were ok and cleared for starting hyperbarics.
We got the go ahead and started setting up appointments to begin the very next day.

So far all is going better than expected and I am so excited to share about our first few hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments in the next post!
Until then, your continued love, support, prayers and positive energy are always appreciated.

With love and gratitude to all of our special friends.
Susie and Liam

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