Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Playing at the Park.

The park has been a bittersweet place for me since Liam's regression in to autism.
As I look at the swings he once ran to with glee, I see them sit empty. The slides, climbing walls and tire swing he shared with his best friend, all   are ignored.

But today, well today we saw progress!
As we walked down the path to enter the park Liam went running, as he usually does. But then he stopped. He was checking out the different pieces of equipment.
In the hour we were there he went down three different slides, climbed a chain ladder and the rock climbing wall. Went on the Merry-Go-Round and even sat next to another little boy!!

Today was one of those days that makes everything we do worth it. Home schooling, the hours of therapy, special foods and supplements.. it seems like pennies to pay for a day like today.

We came home and had a baked ham dinner with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. Liam devoured it.
Park success. Dinner Success. Awesome Day!

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