Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming off antibiotics.

Today was one of those crazy days. 
Pull my hair out, mommy needs a time out kind of day.
Not because of anything Liam did or didn't do, but because of trying to figure out all of these crazy side effects from coming off of these very strong antibiotics he's been on for the past two months. His last set was yesterday and he's already suffering.
You kill one awful thing and three others pop up to take it's place.
I hate seeing him suffer like this.
It makes the fact that he isn't verbal become a glaring issue once again. An issue that we can usually get around through gestures, leading me to the thing he wants and pointing. 
He just can't focus enough to do any of those things right now. He's so frustrated. 

More tests will be run in the next few weeks and off to the doctor we go. Hoping to get some more answers as to what is going on in this poor kids gut. 
The last tests showed a crazy mess of yeasts, bacteria, metals, inflammation, strep and e.coli out of balance.
Hoping this last treatment round took care of at least some of those things.

For now he sleeps. 

Good night.

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