Friday, October 26, 2012

Fighting Yeast, improvements..

So, I think I have the new supplement routine figured out. Between yeast killers, probiotics, absorbers, anti-virals and immune boosters, it's a full day schedule. I can see die-off symptoms so at least we know it's working.

Weight and muscle tone are still down a bit but the carnitine is supposed to help with that. Just started today. Fingers crossed!

Home schooling is still going very well. Liam is so much more focused at home with me.
He's mastered things in less than two months that we were scheduled to work on for the whole year! He is such a determined kid. It's really amazing.

His communication is becoming much more effective. He's taking me to the object he wants, pointing and approximating the words! Huge step for my non-verbal kiddo. :)
See how proud and happy he is!?

Looking forward to spending the day relaxing and playing one on one with Liam tomorrow. Happy weekend everybody!

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