Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Liam's Thanksgiving dinner menu is complete! Organic prairie turkey (gfcfsf, hormone, antibiotic and nitrate free), a great stuffing from scratch that I just perfected, delicata squash, instead of yams or sweet potatoes, and pumpkin souffle for dessert.

So now that the menu is complete I just have to get it cooked early Thursday morning, pack the whole family up for the weekend, pick my brother up at the train station and travel to our parents house.

My dad is with his parents in another state for the holiday. But my mom, brother, grandparents, cousins and their kids, friends, adopted grandparents and so on, will all ne gathering at my parents house.
It will be complete insanity the whole day...I can't wait!!

Happy holidays!


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