Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Craft Time!

One of the greatest aspects of home schooling is the ability to focus on the individual childs strengths. For Liam, his strengths are music and art. We spend 75% of our school day incorporating counting, matching and writing in to these two areas.
We paint, draw, sculpt with maxs mud (playdough) that is allergen free and made in the usa.

Today we are making 'sensory bowls'. 
One is cornstarch and water that makes this quicksand like effect.

Bubble bowls with a safe soap. We like tropical traditions coconut based products.

Bead bowls with all different shapes and sizes to sort and string. This craft has really improved Liam's fine motor skills. Just make sure if you do this at home that the beads are a safe size for your child.

Shape bowls with withall different colored shape cut outs fot Liam to match. 

And finally his very favorite,...painting!! 

That's it for today. Time to go start making dinner. Lamb burgers with roasted delicata squash, braised greens and a fresh salad from the garden with a blueberry vinaigrette. Happy Friday everyone!!

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