Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Two treatments in and Liam is already showing some improvements.
Anxiety is reduced, new people aren't causing meltdowns and the issue with loud noises is no longer there. The HBOT machine itself while running is loud so this was a concern. But Liam has handled it like a champ.
We are fortunate and were able to use the three person chamber each time so far so that I can go in with him and not get too clausterphobic myself. Thank God for Bach's Rescue Remedy.
That stuff has saved me a few times already!

Over the next couple of months Liam will continue HBOT and also get some brain mapping done so that he can begin Neurofeedback. We tried once already to do the mapping before starting HBOT but it was just too much for him. I told the Neuro department that I was thrilled for the opportunity to do this testing and therapy but that it would have to be at Liam's pace. I am not going to thrust multiple new therapies on him at once if he is not ready. The great thing is that they all agreed and completely support me in making the decisions for Liam's course of treatment. We are very fortunate to have met these people and to be working with them. I truly trust that Liam's best interest is their number one priority.

Being in the clinic for just a couple of hours a day gives us plenty of time for homeschooling, participating in activities with other homeschool groups and lots of play days, park and beach time. The vitamin D had been great for me, and Liam too.
We have met some really wonderful families that are very accepting and compassionate towards us both. They only have typical kids and haven't met a child that is as severely affected by autism as Liam is, but they accepted him instantly, as did their kids.
These parents are teaching acceptance of all, understanding, inclusion,...these parents are teaching their kids what all kids should be taught. We are all equal.
It's a heart warming experience in a community that has welcomed us in with open arms.

Today I am thankful. Life isn't always easy, but we are very fortunate to be where we are, surrounded by incredible people that freely love us and accept us just as we are.

With Love,

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